Provia Doors

Whether it’s time to replace your old door, or you’re looking to upgrade, ProVia offers replacement doors that can suit most applications. They offer lines in fiberglass, as well as steel. Their website offers a nice comparison of the lines here. ProVia offers a lifetime warranty on nearly every component of the door and we’ve found their doors are constructed to meet that expectation. Additionally the door’s finish is warranted for 7 years, while their Signet fiberglass line offers a 10-year finish warranty. We expect a ProVia entry door to be the closest permanent solution today.

ProVia doors are special due to our ability to utilize them as a “replacement door”. Many doors come in nominal sizing intended for installation on common frame sizes. ProVia allows us to create doors unique to the framing of your home in measurements in 1/8” increments. This will ensure the door fits perfectly in your homes framing which will provide the best case scenario for energy efficiency.

ProVia doors often have a price tag that looks significantly larger than some doors found at the big box stores at Lowes and Home Depot. It’s important to take a look at the full scope of doors to ensure you are comparing two equal products. We generally price our doors to ensure the project is complete upon installation. Some configurations we offer as “standard” on our quotes are all add-ons on other lines. This includes paint finishing, hardware, frame cladding, brickmold cladding, LowE/Argon glazing with the SuperSpacer system, and new interior pre-finished trim.

Our installer John Dawson, as well as Matt Dawson, both completed the ProVia Certification program. This extensive training program ensures the product we are installing is done to factory specifications to ensure the lifetime warranty is valid.

When it comes time to replace your door be sure to consider ProVia doors. After a bit of research we think you’ll love their product as much as we do. You can take a look at their doors by clicking their link under our Services & Suppliers tab. You can design your door and even view product illustrations to see how they would look on your home. Check out the online home remodeling tool at:

Sliding & French Doors

We offer a variety of sliding and French patio doors. Most of our window manufacturers also produce sliding patio doors. There are many options available including sliding doors that look like French doors where the rails around the glass are wider to resemble a French door. You can get grids between the glass or doors with blinds between the glass if you would like to eliminate draperies for a more modern appearance. We’d be happy to show you the many options available. Call or email today for a free estimate.