As of 8 pm tonight, Governor Larry Hogan has issued a stay at home directive to all Maryland residents in response to the COVID-19 outbreak gripping our country.  This directive excludes essential businesses which are allowed to remain open while scaling down their operations and staff.  As a construction company, we remain open and available to respond to inquiries concerning remodeling the exterior of your home.  As of today, our manufacturers are still operating to produce windows & doors.  To keep our sales staff & you safe, we will be offering virtual appointments and free estimates.  We also are producing video content on the products we offer and will post these on our website.   The jobs in our pipeline are continuing and our installation crews are practicing recommendations from the CDC, MDH, and OSHA regarding social-distancing and environmental cleaning and disinfection as they install your windows, doors, siding & roofing.  We are taking every precaution to keep you safe.  If any customers prefer to delay their installation, please let us know and we will accommodate your request.

Our hearts & prayers are with the many who are saving lives, working to keep stores open for our necessities and those keeping us safe.

We are here for you should you have any questions- 301-261-3700.

Tom & Nancy Dawson

Excerpt from the Governor’s order:

  1. Stay-at-Home Order. a. All persons living in the State of Maryland are hereby ordered, effective as of 8:00 p.m. on March 30, 2020, to stay in their homes or places of residences (“Homes”) except: i. to conduct or participate in Essential Activities (defined below); ii. staff and owners of businesses and organizations that are not required to close pursuant to paragraph IV or paragraph V below may travel: 1. between their Homes and those businesses and organizations; and 2. to and from customers for the purpose of delivering goods or performing services;
  2. Businesses, Organizations, and Facilities That May Remain Open. vi. Commercial and residential construction companies.