Not only does replacing your front door immediately boost the appearance and curb appeal of your home, you’ll also find that it increases your energy efficiency.  Alot of your home’s air infilitration comes from the front door- obviously when it’s open, but when it is closed as well.  If you can see day light around the frame of your door- you definitely have air infiltrating your home at all times.  Our doors today come standard with Qlon weatherstripping- the same material used on the seal of your refrigerator door, so they are much more airtight.  Additionally they are reinforced- so your door will be well prepared for the beating it will take daily for years to come.  Lastly- it pays for itself.  Check the latest cost vs. value report to see how doors (and other remodeling projects) impact the resale value of your home.  For our area you’ll find that a new entry door adds 106% to your home’s value!

So for a summary of how your new door will improve your home:

  1. More airtight- less cold outside air infiltrating your home
  2. More rugged- built to last and supported by a lifetime warranty covering all of the doors elements (paint finish 7yrs)
  3. Ease of operation- your new door will operate smoothly for years to come, no more headaches with doors you can’t open, close or lock
  4. Increased resale value- the project on average pays for itself based on the added value a new door brings to your home