Included in the Appropriations Act of 2020 is the extension of the Energy tax credit set to expire in 2017. If you bought new energy-efficient windows & doors from us, you could qualify for a tax credit up to $500!!  If you are thinking of buying new windows or doors, take advantage of the tax credit by buying in 2020.  Call us (301) 261-3700 for a free estimate!

Initially introduced in 2006, homeowners could receive a tax credit up to $500 for energy improvements to their primary home This credit expired in 2017 but was brought back to include 2018-2020.  The credit equals 10% of the cost for new exterior windows and doors that meet the Energy Star requirement, with a limit of $200 for windows & $500 for doors.  This is a one time tax credit with a lifetime credit of $500.  Consult your tax professional for details.  Here is a link to the IRS form and more information.