Installed new front door, Provia Heritage Fiberglass, with 2 sidelights.

Member Comments: 

I met with Tom Dawson at my home towards the end of October 2013.  Once he determined what my preferences were and explained my options, he provided me with all the information, catalogs, etc., that I would need to make my decision about this new front door.  He would send me renderings by e-mail of different selections I made to help me with my choice.  However, the door style I wanted wasn’t available with the glass I specifically wanted, although the sidelights were.  I couldn’t find a combination glass and door that I liked and I knew I would be forever unhappy with anything else other than exactly what I wanted..  I explained the problem I was having and what I wanted.  He was very patient and contacted the manufacturer to see if they would be willing to make the door with the glass that I wanted.  Obviously the price was higher and the wait a bit longer, but I LOVE this door.   It also took me a while to decide on color and patina and hardware.  I really appreciated the time and patience   The door was ordered in November and installed January 27, 2014.  We were able to pick a date where the weather wasn’t absolutely horrible. The installation was quick and efficient.  The door and 2 sidelights were one huge piece when taken off the truck.  I thought it would come in three separate pieces.  Obviously this is pretty air tight door.  I highly recommend this company.

Ms. Krichten