Today consumers are given tons of options for replacing their old windows and doors.  You’ll need to ask yourself why you are replacing your windows.  New windows are made with options that allow a homeowner to customize each window for appearance, efficiency, and operation.  Before you are able to select the window that will be perfect for your project, you need to consider the options:

  • Material: The most popular new windows today are constructed of either vinyl or wood- with some companies offering fiberglass as an option.
  • Appearance: What do you want your new windows to look like?  Is an exterior color important to you, or are standard colors suitable?
  • Efficency: Will the efficiency of the window be the most important element in the selection of the new windows?
  • Operation: Windows come in difference styles and operations.  For example, a double-hung window’s sashes operate vertically, while a 2-section slider’s sashes operate horizontally.  You’ll need to consider how you want your new windows to operate.
  • Glass options: Is there a room that gets particularly warm in the summer, or perhaps experiences fading in the carpets or artwork?  Glass options like Solar LowE give a customer individual glass options to cater the glass package to their specific room’s environment.

Ultimately, most new windows today are constructed of wood or vinyl.  We are happy to offer both wood windows and vinyl windows in our product selection, but most customers choose vinyl.  If improving your home’s energy efficiency is your goal, then a vinyl window is most likely going to serve you the best.  Wood windows are slowly losing their market share to vinyl, although they are beautiful and relatively energy efficient.  The downside to wood is that the best wood windows cost as much as twice as much as vinyl.  Additionally they require maintenance like painting/staining to look their best and to prevent water damage.