• WEATHER- Summer weather is generally pretty predictable- meaning there are fewer scheduling interruptions during summer weather.  You can also beat the fall rush where customers generally replace their windows in preparation for the upcoming winter.
  • COOLING COSTS-  Most people think of replacing their windows in the winter time when the cold finds its way into your home, but it impacts your home just as much in the summer time when your air conditioner is working overtime to keep your home cool.  Today’s windows feature a coating on the glass called LowE the helps keep the cold out in the winter, and the warm in the winter.  Additionally there’s an Argon gas fill between the glass.
  • OPEN YOUR WINDOWS- When the weather turns in the fall you’d probably love to open a window or two for ventilation.  Your new windows will open and close easily so you’ll be ready for the nicer fall weather.
  • SOUND CONTROL-  Our new windows feature double-strength glass- so each pane is thicker.  Additionally there’s a foam insulated frame to help insulate a bit more.  While most of the windows we sell haven’t been tested for sound control (STC ratings), our customers often say that the reduction in noise is the first thing they notice.  Those noisy barbecues and lawn mowers will be less of an annoyance with your new windows.
  • GLASS PROTECTION-  We notice that most window failures (seal failure, broken glass) occur in the summer time when kids playing ball may break a window.  Additionally we get rapid temperature changes that can cause thermal shock and break windows.  Today’s glass is made with a foam non-metallic spacer that allows the glass to expand and contract preventing many seal failures and temperature shock failures.

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