With winter rapidly approaching, it’s time to make sure your windows are ready to go for the cold.  Whether they are new or old you’ll want to inspect each window.

  • First make sure your windows can close completely and nothing is preventing them from closing.
  • Next make sure you can lock your windows.  This is not only a security concern- but many windows have a compression seal along the locking meeting rail to give a tight seal.  You’ll get the best performance from locked windows.
  • Add a second lock- most older windows have a single lock in the middle of the window.  Adding a second lock on windows over 24″ will help get a tighter seal.
  • Insulate the glass for a temporary solution- adding plastic sheeting will seal the windows from leaking air
  • Inspect exterior caulking- loose or cracked caulk can allow air to infiltrate and make rooms uncomfortable and drafty.  Use an acrylic silicone caulk to seal up the cracks and voids to make sure it is weather tight and ready for winter
  • Inspect weatherstripping- adding or replacing weatherstripping can make a big difference in the comfort in a room.  Replacement weatherstripping will come with an adhesive backing so it’s easy to supplement/replace.
  • Window film- adhesive film can tint and prevent heat gain in the summer- but there are newer window films designed to trap heat inside.

Of course with today’s glass technology, and with manufacturers targeting very low air infiltration ratings, today’s windows will be much better at handling the bad weather this winter.  If you think your windows may need replacing- call us for a free estimate!