Many of us are diving into spring projects with the turn in weather recently, and if you (like me) need to clean your siding it’s a great time to do it. Vinyl siding, unlike wood or aluminum siding, does not need paint upkeep as it does not rot or flake. Today vinyl is the most popular choice for siding material, especially here in Maryland where the elements can be taxing on the exterior of our homes.
While vinyl siding is often characterized as “maintenance-free”, it does require some maintenance in the cleaning we’re faced with. Most would use a pressure washer to make this project significantly easier- I’d hate think of the chore it would be without one. Hopefully you have a pressure washer or have access to one and can knock this project out. Be sure to be mindful of your siding here, if it is older and brittle it could break rather easily under the direct force of a pressure washer. Tougher stains or mildew will more than likely need some elbow grease.

For this project you’ll need:

  • Pressure washer (ideally with a detergent inject)
  • Cleaning Solution. Be mindful of the environment and choose a cleaner that is safe. Simple Green also makes a good product  Pro Bob Villa recommends a solution of roughly 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 water. Store bought cleaners at your home stores will have a label of “Approved for Pressure Washer Use”
  • Ladder
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Bucket

Start at the bottom of the side you choose to start on and move your way up. This will help eliminate streaking and ensure an even clean result. Try not to be as erratic as I can be hunting the dirtiest spots. Long even strokes will likely get you the best results. Many of the detergents are recommended to be left on for a bit before rinsing off. Avoid spraying damaged or loose siding. Don’t spray your eaves, vents or light fixtures also open windows. Try to keep the nozzle level with what you’re spraying to avoid spraying directly down or up against the vinyl siding.

If your siding is beyond cleaning and needs to be replaced, we’d obviously love to help. Innovations like reinforced nailing hems and baked-in coloring (rather than applied directly to the surface) have made vinyl siding an even better choice for enhancing your home. Additionally as the industry focuses on energy-efficiency insulated siding panels have become a popular choice for customers looking to improve their home’s energy consumption.

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