When it comes time to replace your windows many elements go into the decision. High energy consumption of your home is typically the primary reason folks replace their windows today, but improving the esthetics of your home is certainly a big factor as well. One of the decisions you’ll be faced with is the choice of adding (or keeping) grids (or grilles/muntins) to your windows, or keeping the panes without grids, unobstructed. We always suggest looking around the neighborhood to get an idea of what fits, but it comes down to the style of your home, and ultimately your personal preference (so long as you don’t live in an area governed by a HOA).

Normally grids will be found definitively on a colonial style home, as well as a cape cod. For modern style homes or craftsman style homes the windows might look fine without the grids. Diamond style grids, more often found in casement windows, and colonial style grids (the traditional square pattern) certainly add character to your home, but you do have some control over the patterns as we’ve seen. Putting traditional grids in the top sash of your windows while leaving the bottom sash clear has become a popular trend. Many are putting grids at the front of their home and sides visible from the street while leaving the back of their home to get a more clear view.

Today most people replacing their old double hung windows choose a replacement vinyl product. Typically the replacement vinyl window manufactures the grids between the panes in the double pane window sash which eliminates the obstacle while cleaning. The grids are normally aluminum and finished to withstand the years without fading. This comes with the price of being a permanent decision that cannot be undone as the grids will be between your glass panes forever.

Head over to our gallery to get some inspiration and to see some of the grid configurations mentioned. Give us call at 301.261.3700 when you are ready to begin your project, with nearly 40 years of experience in the window industry our owner Tom Dawson will surely have great advice and recommendations.