It’s not a secret that curb appeal has a huge impact on resale value, but where will you spend your money the smartest to get the most return on your investment?

the-white-trim-with-the-contrasted-paint-and-shutters-pop-almost-as-much-as-the-red-door-myhomelifemag-comFront Door–  Many people call the front door “the handshake of the home”.  What does your front door say about your home?  Our ProVia entry doors have tons of designs to choose from whether you’re looking for a smooth painted surface, or a realistic woodgrain.  If your door is in good shape maybe a fresh coat of paint is all it needs to make it stand out in the neighborhood.

Roofing– If you have curling or missing shingles you roof is likely ready for replacement. The condition of your roof is one of the very first things buyers and appraisers notice and assess.  If your neighbors have maintained or replaced their roofs, yours will look especially shabby.  You can pay for roof repairs now, or pay for them later in a lower appraisal; appraisers will mark down the value by the cost of the repair

Landscaping- A well-manicured lawn, fresh mulch, and pruned shrubs boost the curb appeal of any home.  Replace overgrown bushes with leafy plants and colorful annuals. Surround bushes and trees with dark or reddish-brown bark mulch, which gives a rich feel to the yard. Put a crisp edge on garden beds, pull weeds and invasive vines, and plant a few geraniums in pots.
Green up your grass with lawn food and water. Cover bare spots with seeds and sod, get rid of crab grass, and mow regularly.house1

WindowsDoubleHung_CircleTop_Exterior often times folks think they need to replace all of the windows in their home to get it ready to sell.  Some of our customers replace the windows in the very front of their home, or even the front windows on the bottom level (the windows where a buyer will be seeing most closely).  If you have old window trim that needs paint, or maybe needs to be replaced- this will make a buyer and home inspector weary of what they will find in the rest of the house.  At a minimum- make sure the windows that will be seen are clean with fresh trim and without defects in the glass such as seal failures.

horjd303_container-gardens_s3x4_lgSplash of Color– Do something to make your home stand out.  Remember how buyers will describe your house as they deliberate.  Maybe your house will be the house that a buyer has to have with “the yellow adirondack chair on the porch”.