Have you ever considering adding custom stained glass, or glass with handmade caming?  If you have you probably know the expense that comes along with adding beautiful decorative glass.  Our preferred door manufacturer, ProVia- offers a solution that won’t break the bank.  ProVia inspirations glass will allow you to combine any of the 11 Inspirations Art Glass designs with one of five color palettes and your selection of door or window shapes and configurations to create your custom window or door glass design.

Custom glass windows and door glass incorporating hand-stained designs from ProVia provide an excellent opportunity for a unique exterior accent that expresses your style and adds curb appeal to your home.

Each ProVia Inspirations Art Glass piece is filled by hand. The possibilities of color variations, striations and other natural effects mimic the look of stained glass and are not to be considered flaws. They are a natural characteristic of a hand-made product.

Check out this video on how the process is done!