We have used ProVia for the majority of our entry door projects for a few reasons, however perhaps the biggest is the finished product they offer their customers.  When you purchase your entry door at a big box store, or lumber yard- you’re buying an unfinished product that requires either a paint or stain before installation.  So either you or your installer needs to paint the door- likely outside in the open.  However the job finishes up I promise you it won’t compare to the paint finish that comes standard on ProVia entry doors.  ProVia offers a 7-10 year warranty on their paint finishes for perhaps the most visible feature of your home.

Unlike at most other door manufacturers, a professionally applied paint or stain finish is applied to doors before leaving the ProVia factory. At ProVia, their mission is “to serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t.”  We see this mission statement exercised in countless other ways when it comes to the finished product.   Whether it’s the interior trim casing sized 1/4″ larger to cover your paint lines- ensuring you don’t have touchup painting to do post-installation, or the factory-applied cladding protecting the wooden exterior elements forever, ProVia offers a product that is finished once the installer leaves, and a product that is built with lasting quality supported by a lifetime warranty on most elements.

With 14 paint colors and 16 paint finishes, ProVia offers a lasting finish that will complement any home.   Additionally they offer custom color finishes matched to any Sherman Williams paint.  Their robotic paint system built in an automated paint booth ensures a perfect even finish in a controlled environment.

We trust ProVias paint finish over any paint job completed at the site of the installation.