Often our customers ask us- when is the right time to replace a window?  The answer, as you might guess, is completely dependent on the customer and their comfort level with the current window.  There are many different reasons our customers choose to replace their windows with new vinyl windows or wood ones:

  • Inefficent- Older windows lack the current glass technologies that make our windows so much more efficient today.  LowE and Argon added to the glass is perhaps the most important technology seen in windows today vs. the older windows that may have lacked it.
  • Drafty- Today’s windows are manufactured to target some of the lowest air infiltration rates seen in replacement windows.  Older windows were not designed with the same goals in mind- and as such could be leaking air that is costing you on your utility bills
  • Difficult to operate– Windows with broken balance systems make the window impossible to keep open and difficult to operate in general.
  • Compromised Glass Systems- windows without newer glass technologies which make the window able to flex in our environment may have seal failures which lead to condensation and unsightly streaking.  Additionally some have pointed to the mold and mildew that grow between these failed glass systems as health hazards.
  • Appearance- Of course some of the products that have been exposed to the elements for all these years appear unsightly today.  Our vinyl windows are made to last years with quality vinyl construction encouraging lasting beauty.

Of course a customer’s budget is a huge variable in determining the right time to buy.  Often times our customers have to weigh the potential energy savings and convenience with the investment of new windows to estimate their return.