Sometimes bad window installs can happen to good people. Or rather bad installers can happen to good people. At times like these homeowners pay the price for poor craftsmanship in ways that involve more than just the pocketbook. Poorly installed windows can actually damage your home by letting in excessive water, leaks, etc. Here are some telltale signs that your windows may have been improperly installed.

  • There are visible gaps between the window frame and the sill: Any experienced contractor knows that windows must be measured meticulously before being installed. Therefore, there is no excuse for a window that doesn’t fit right. If you notice gaps between the window frame and the sill or between the frame and the wall, you should contact your contractor right away. Or if you want the job done right, you should consider calling Chesapeake Thermal. In addition to window installs, we handle door replacement in Maryland and patio doors in Maryland as well.
  • You see leaks or signs of water damage: A poorly installed window is an invitation for water damage to occur to your home. Signs of this include peeling paint, sagging or puffy walls, rotting wood and mold spores along the frame, sill and walls. Again, if you see any of these signs around your newly installed windows call your contractor right away.
  • Condensation between the window panes: When condensation appears between your window panes it is a telltale sign that moisture is getting inside your window. This should never happen with properly installed windows as this can lead to drafts, rising energy costs and mold.
  • Your home is noticeably drafty or stuffy: If your windows do not protect you from the elements then they are failing in their primary function. This also means that your contractor has failed you as well. Poorly installed windows can cause a sharp uptick in your energy bills as your HVAC system has to work harder to keep you warm or cool.window installation
  • Troublesome operation: Are your newly installed windows difficult to open or close? Well, they should not be. If you notice problems in the operation of your window you should have them addressed quickly.

Yes, properly installed windows should improve your home’s appearance, make it safer and help you save on heating and cooling costs. At Chesapeake Thermal we have 30 years of experience installing replacement windows. We know the problems that can arise when windows are improperly installed. Therefore, we back the work of all our products and our professionals.