One of my favorite products, often underutilized, is the hinged patio door.  Generally speaking when folks are replacing a patio door they consider a sliding patio door and french doors.  The sliding patio door offers a screen- so for folks that plan to use the door to ventilate tend to go this route, and for this reason don’t 153_2013-01-21_11-31-08_86consider french doors.  The hinged patio door allows you to have the french door look, along with a sliding screen for the exterior.  You’ll have a fixed panel and a hinged panel that will swing like an entry door.

Our preferred door manufacturer, ProVia, allows us to customize many of the features of the door including panel and glass options typically found on front entry doors.  Additionally ProVia offers a downsized door that will fit into shorter opening designed for sliding patio doors without re-framing the opening.  It’s a terrific option for someone looking for the french door look, while keeping the sliding exterior screen.  Additionally french doors aren’t an option for some people with a home framed for a sliding door- and the downsized door is a big help for that situation.

Check out ProVia’s website at to review color and wood stain options available for the hinged patio door.  You can also review glass options if you think you’d like to add a designer decorative glass option, and the hardware options for the door.