We’ve entered the bitter cold of Maryland’s weather and it doesn’t look like we will be relieved with warmer weather anytime soon. Cool Window Cure  This is the time of the year where energy efficient windows can benefit you the most.  Air infiltration is a factor you should pay close attention to when selecting your new windows- and Chesapeake Thermal recommends only windows that have passed the air infiltration with test results well below the industry standard.  But what if you’ve replaced your windows and still feel those drafts?  It could be that you are experiencing air movement in your home called convection.

What is convection?

Convection is defined as the transfer of energy from one point to another by the movement of a medium, such as air or water.  Convection occurs when warm air from the heat source (generally on the floor) enters the room.  As we know, warm air rises above cool air- and moves toward the ceiling.  Cooler air is forced downwards toward the floor and a convection cycle is complete.

How do we stop it?

Cool air is the enemy here and steps must be taken to eliminate it.  As more cool air enters the room the convection can become more severe and more “drafty”.   Efficient windows with insulated glass can help a lot.  Additionally selecting a window with a superior air infiltration rating will help.

If you’ve replaced your windows and are experiencing convection it could be that the warm air from your home is not reaching the glass.  Open your blinds an inch or so to allow warm air to reach the glass.  Ensure your heating elements are not obstructed in the room. examplecurtain2_l

Window treatments are a big help in this area- especially curtains.  The simplest way to do this is to use a set of curtains covering the whole window all the way to floor.  When a pelmet is utilized along with a curtain it can isolate the opening from the room and create a more effective barrier.