After much uncertainty, The EPA Lead Safe Renovation Repair & Painting law is now in effect.  Starting April 22, 2010 any home that is built before 1978 must be tested for lead paint by anyone who is replacing windows.  If lead paint is found, lead safe practices must be used by the contractor or they face a hefty fine.  The opt-out clause that could be used if there were no children or pregnant women residing at the house is no longer available after July 6, 2010. 

What does this mean for our customers?  If you own a home built before 1978 and we find lead on the windows or openings, the cost of replacing your windows will unfortunately be more expensive.  The requirements necessary to practice lead-safe installations are costly.  While we understand the need to be cautious during remodeling where children are involved, we feel this is very unfair and punishes homeowners with older houses.  Hopefully no lead will be found when we test your pre-1978 residence.  But if we find lead, we must follow the guidelines set up by the EPA to install your windows.  We are exhausting every avenue to find the most reasonable and cost effective way to do this and will pass any savings onto our customers.

Be careful of contractors that are not certified  by the EPA for lead-safe practices.  If you are unsure about lead in your home and thinking of getting new windows, please call us.    We will be happy to give you a free estimate and can test for lead in your home.