One of the questions our customers often ask us: How will my new windows accommodate my existing air conditioning window unit? We often see window units that have been “permanently” installed to the window opening with the intention of leaving the unit there all year long. Many window units have built in heaters these days giving you good reason to leave them in. At any rate- whether you plan to leave the window units in all year long, or if they’ll only be in for the season- proper installation is important to ensure you window unit is operating efficiently.
Most window units come with the accordion extensions that fill the unoccupied open window space that your window unit does not utilize. While this is nice, and might work fine for a temporary installation, you’d need to improve upon this if you intend to leave your A/C window unit in for the entire year. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your air conditioning unit might require more energy than any other appliance during summer months. What’s more, up to 25% of your home’s controlled climate air escapes through gaps, cracks, and of course your old leaky doors and windows. It will be important that you take additional measures to ensure your window unit is efficient. Installing foam insulation boards can certainly help. Manufacturers such as FrostKing make products such as vinyl compression weatherstrip tape that would help a lot around the perimeter of your window and the window unit. Finally if your window unit does not have a heating feature, and you still plan to leave the window unit in all year, a quilted cover can be put over the exterior portion of the window unit to ensure cold air does not pass through during the colder months.