Vinyl windows and siding products are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are low-maintenance and hassle-free too! Our products are easy to clean with some quick Do’s and Dont’s:iStock_000022048406_small
The Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning your Vinyl Windows:

•Open the top and bottom sash for improved ventilation.
•Use both hands to support sashes while tilting them in to clean.
•Support the sashes when they are in the cleaning position.
•Make sure the tilt latches are fully engaged after tilting sashes back into the operating position.
•Make sure the top sash on a double-hung window is closed and up all the way before locking the window.

•Do not leave the lock in the locked position when closing the window, this will damage the keeper.
•Do not attempt to remove the sashes on double-hung windows.
•Do not use oil base spray lubricants such as WD 40, they attract dirt.
•Do not use a silicone spray for lubrication.
•Do not leave the center section of a “Swing & Clean” sliding window open without proper support.
•Do not attempt to move a “Swing & Clean” sliding window sash when the pivot hardware is locked.
•Do not use abrasive-type cleaners to clean the glass or vinyl on these windows.
•Do not use solvents to clean the windows.
•Do not use a high pressure hose to clean the outside of a window.

For more information on cleaning your windows download out care and operation manual here

Do’s and Dont’s for Cleaning your Vinyl Siding:

•Clean periodically by using a garden hose and clean water
•For more use a soft-bristled, long handled washing brush
•For hard-to-remove dirt, such as soot and grime in industrial areas, wipe down with a recommended solution mentioned below.
•Start at the bottom and work to the top when doing the whole house to avoid streaking
•Rinse entire surface with fresh water after cleaning

•Do not use any methods not recommended by the manufacturer
•Do not scrub vigorously when cleaning with a brush to avoid creating a glossy area
•Do not clean with any solution without spot testing first
•Do not use cleaners containing organic solvents, undiluted chlorine bleach, liquid grease remover, nail polish remove, or furniture polish and/or cleaners