With temperatures nearing 100, the calendar may not say summer yet but the summer weather is certainly here. Generally speaking summer isn’t the most popular time for replacement windows, but there are some factors to consider that may make new windows a wise investment this summer.

  • Windows that don’t open?  Older windows that no longer operate, or perhaps wood windows that have been painted closed obviously don’t offer ventilation.  While daytime temperatures may prevent you from opening your new windows, you can still ventilate your home at night giving your thermostat a break and saving you on your electric bill.
  • Old windows- Older windows lack the technology breakthroughs that we’ve seen in recent years.  Solar heat is welcomed in the winter time to assist you in heating your home, but conversely adds heat in the summer time. Low-E and Argon Gas filling help reduce the transmitted heat into your home- as well as frame materials and newer window components.  Our new windows also offer a Solar Low-E option that reduce UV gains that reduce the solar heat gains, as well as protect the interior of your home from fading.

Replacement windows are a big investment, but when choosing the right window for your home you should consider that these windows will pay dividends back to you in the energy savings they provide.