The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. All of these are signs that fall is right around the corner and in fact weeks away. Here is a list of 5 things you can do to prep your home for autumn. Feel free to add more and share them with us.

  • Clean your gutters: Now is the time of year that every leaf on every tree near your home seems to find its way into your gutters. And since there is no sense in simply complaining about it, you might as well get up there (or hire someone to) and clean your gutters. Dirty gutters can damage your house and cause water to build up around the base of your home.
  • Get your HVAC serviced/check your furnace: Chances are your AC has been running all season long while your furnace has been having a nice long rest. So, now is the time to clean and cover your air conditioner(s) and to have your furnace checked for the fall and winter ahead of us.
  • Clean, inspect and prepare your fireplace: Check your chimney for blockage and clean out your fireplace. Blocked chimneys can be a fire hazard and dirty fireplaces hold soot that could be a health hazard.
  • Start composting: Come next spring and summer your garden will love you for beginning to collect and pile up falling leaves this autumn. Composting is an excellent way to provide nutrients for your plants and it reduces greenhouse gases
  • Inspect your windows and doors: According to the US Department of Energy, some 38% of the heat in homes escapes through cracks in walls, windows and dofallors. That is a lot cold entering your home and a lot of money leaving it in the form of higher bills. Do something about it by checking the integrity of your doors and windows. Our door and siding specialists can install sliding doors in Maryland that will keep in the heat this fall and winter. Our French doors in Maryland also protect you and your family from those chilly night (and days) that lay ahead.

Once you finish with your autumn to-do list, you will be ready to enjoy the season in your toasty, comfortable home. We can help you do so in style as well with our windows and doors.