Sliding doors are known for their beauty, convenience and practicality. When they are properly installed and are of high quality, they illuminate our homes with a free source of light, they help warm our homes in the summer and, of course, they secure us from the dangers of the outside world. However, when they start to malfunction or are of low quality they provide none of these benefits. Here’s a look at some common problems that may indicate that it is time to replace your glass door.

  • Your door sticks or is difficult to slide: The problem may be as simple as dirt, mud or some other obstruction collecting along the tracks of your door. However, it may be something more complicated such as damaged or worn rollers. In short, if you have checked these things and your door still won’t close, it may be time for a replacement.
  • You feel a draft: A properly installed glass door should protect you from the elements all year round. Standing next to the door in winter should not cause you to shiver nor should you feel a breeze. Save on utility bills by having one of our new, patio doors in Maryland professionally installed in your home.
  • Gaps in the door: Are there gaps between your sliding door and the surrounding frame? If there are, this means one of several things. First, it means you are losing money on heating and cooling costs. Next, it may mean that your door was poorly installed to begin with. Finally, it means that your door is not secure from outsiders. If there are gaps between your sliding door and the frame, call us. We can give you a sliding door and even a window estimate in Maryland.
  • Shattered glass: Unless you are Bob Villa, a shattered glass door is not an easy fix. We recommend using one of our experts to replace your broken glass door. A broken glass door is a security risk for your family.
  • Your door is always coming off the frame: This is another security risk to your family. A window bar may fix the problem but why take the chance? Our professionals can install a door that is secure and that also beautifies your home.broken glass

There you have it. These are some common signs that you may need to replace your glass door. You can usually ensure that things won’t become a problem by consulting with the right professionals. Check out our patio door options for your home.