We’ve had customers over the years ask us what the significance of “Thermal” is in our name “Chesapeake Thermal”.  For over 30 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to recommending products that improve the energy-efficiency of our customer’s homes.  Here’s how a few replacement projects can impact the energy consumption of your home:

Replacement Windows:  Improvements to glass and frame technologies have made replacement windows one of the biggest improvements you can make.  Upgrading the glass alone can reduce the heating and cooling portion of your energy bill by as much as 20%.  Additionally frame construction has made windows much more air-tight making air-infiltration issues a problem of the past.

New Entry Doors-  Entry doors are the biggest opening in your home, and are the most used opening.  Today our doors are constructed with a foam core and Q-lon weather-stripping very similar to the construction of your refridgeratior door.  With an adjustable threshold you can make sure your door is air-tight forever.

Replacement Roofing-  By calculating the cubic feet of your attic space, and the intake at your soffit- a new ridge vent will ensure passive air-flow and a ventilated attic space.  If you notice splitting seams in the ceiling drywall and cracked caulking along your crown molding you likely need to evaluate how your roof is venting.  You’ll notice your AC will get a break in the summer time too.

New Siding-  When your old siding comes down we’ll get a chance to wrap your home with a weather barrier similar to a windbreaker for your home.  Not only will the weather barrier help waterproof and protect your walls, it will also seal up the biggest problem areas for air infiltration.  Additionally insulated siding panels can add as much as 30% more insulation to your walls.

If you’re ready to take a look at any of these replacement projects we’d love to explore how they might impact your home’s energy-efficiency.  Give us a call today to schedule a no-pressure estimate (301) 261-3700